Posted on 06 Oct 2010
I recently returned from in Dallas and nearly got tired of hearing from enthusiastic customers of Amazon Prime. [Full disclosure, I am also transformed by Amazon Prime] As with most Amazon innovations - ratings and reviews, massive SEO product detail pages, and marketplace - it usually takes years and a third party vendor to come along to enable other retailers to offer something similar with a combined scale across retailers to be competitive with Amazon (see Bazaarvoice). Yesterday, GSI announced ShopRunner as that 3rd party competitor to Amazon Prime and it was written up in the | View post
Posted on 16 Sep 2010
Bloomsp ot is the latest VC-backed New Retail Concept . See Techcrunch for a good piece on the announcement of their funding. The most interesting thing to note about Bloomspot, is that they are openly discussing the dirty little secret of group couponing sites - that most merchants don't find them valuable enough to use more than once. The reason? Coupons attract the segment of consumers it has always attracted - no matter what the mechanism. Bargain-shopping consumers will always look for the latest deal and tend not to become loyal customers after the first purchase. Group coupon models | View post
Posted on 13 Sep 2010
The latest issue of the Economist has a nice piece on New Retail Concepts . It is a good summary for those that have not been following the space closely. The most interesting aspects from my perspective are the following: This article in the Economist reflects the dramatic success new approaches to ecommerce have achieved in a few short years More importantly, as Sonali de Rycker of Accel Partners notes at the end of the article, New Retail Concepts have fundamentally difference economics for customer acquisition, conversion and retention that advantage them over traditional storefronts. For | View post
Posted on 26 Apr 2010
Retailers and Brands are now taking action to respond to the consumer desire for the convergence of content, community and commerce. Studies have been completed that demonstrate companies that do add content and community achieve stronger financial performance. For example, in the Harvard Business Review article, In E-Commerce, More is More , an exhaustive study of 1,700 ecommerce sites shows that adding compelling content to directly engage customers is correlated with stronger financial performance. The companies that engaged customers the most outperformed the S&P 500 by more than 12% | View post

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